Quick Answer: What Does Lot Line Mean?

Can I plant trees on a property line?

Plant Trees Well Back From the Property Line.

Planting a tree near the property line can cause multiple conflicts.

But to be a good neighbor, make sure you plant it completely within the limits of your property where it won’t cause your neighbors any annoyance..

What is the difference between a lot line and a parcel line?

LOT and PARCEL are often used interchangeably. … In simplest language, a PARCEL is a quantity of land identified for taxation purposes, while a LOT is a recognized subdivision of property with a written legal description that addresses permissions or constraints upon its development.

What does zero lot lines mean?

A zero-lot-line house is a piece of residential real estate in which the structure comes up to, or very near to, the edge of the property line. Zero-lot-line houses can be attached or detached, and are especially popular in urban areas.

What is a lot line window?

Lot line windows are windows located directly on edge of the building’s property line. … If the adjacent property ever builds up to the height of the window, the window must be permanently boarded up, usually at the owner’s expense. Lot line windows can prevent a room in a property from being deemed a legal bedroom.

How do you read a lot plan?

Tips on How to Read a Site PlanFind The Title Block. In the bottom right corner of most plans, you’ll find what’s called a title block. … Learn the Plan’s Scale. … Determine the Orientation of the Plan. … Know the Datum Point. … Note the Site’s Contours. … Locate Existing Structures.

How close to a property line can I build?

You need to check with the zoning/building department where you live. In some places, 15 feet is standard. If I remember correctly, 10 feet (perhaps 5 feet) must exist between a building and the property line in some areas. And then, often only if the neighbor whose property is being encroached agrees.

Is there a app that shows property lines?

LandGlide: Map App with Boundaries and Owner Data LandGlide is a mobile app for your smartphone or tablet that instantly enables you to obtain property information while standing in a field, sitting in a car, or at the office.

How do I find my lot line?

How To: Find Property LinesCheck Sidewalks and Streetlights.Visit the Local Zoning Department.Retrace the Surveyor’s Steps.Locate a Hidden Survey Pin.Beware of Moved Survey Pins.Dig Out Your Deed for Additional Info.Consider the Metes and Bounds Survey.Bring in a Professional Surveyor.

What is a zero line?

6 the lowest point or degree. his prospects were put at zero. 7 the line or point on a scale of measurement from which the graduations commence.

Are property lines always straight?

Keep in mind, while this process will technically determine the location of the property line, the court systems recognize that property lines may not always be a straight line between two points.

Can I remove neighbor’s fence on my property?

If, in the process​ of removing the fence, your neighbour enters your property without your consent, your neighbour may have unlawfully trespassed on your land. You should get legal advice.

Why do some houses have bricked up windows?

You may have noticed that some of our old homes have bricked up or filled in windows. Some properties were built in such a fashion to balance the look of a building but for many their windows were filled in to avoid paying a tax that was introduced in 1696. … The tax was raised six times between 1747 and 1808.

Can I put a fence up without my Neighbours permission?

As long as it’s not higher than 2m, your neighbour is free to put up a fence on their property. If you have an issue with the fence, you should always try to resolve the situation in an informal way. If you can’t come to an agreement, you can hire a mediator or a solicitor to help.

What is a zero lot bungalow?

A Zero Lot Bungalow is similar to a Bungalow except for the size of its land. It is by far smaller in terms of land size with the house located on one corner of the plot of land in order to maximise the compound space.

What is a zero lot boundary wall?

Zero lot boundary refers to a structure being built up to or very near the edge of the owned land (the boundary line). … Zero boundary homes typically have fewer walls and are narrow in design.

Can Google maps show property lines?

You can view parcel boundaries, or view property lines in Google Earth™ and other GIS applications via a familiar map view format and quickly digest key location intelligence information. … Our clients benefit from receiving current, aggregated nationwide parcel line and property attribute data sets from one source.

2 metresDebating over boundary fence height between neighbours may not always give birth to productive solutions. You are aware that the legal height limit for a fence is no more than 2 metres.