Quick Answer: How Much Do Luxury Tree Houses Cost?

What is the most expensive tree in the world?


This wood is one of the most expensive on the planet.

Agar Wood.

Agar wood is a valuable plant found in tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

Black wood (Ebony) …


Amaranth, Purple Heart.



Bocote, Cordia (Bocote, Cordia).

What is the rarest wood on earth?

African BlackwoodSome woods are incredibly expensive, others unbelievably rare, but African Blackwood is a timber that satisfies both categories, renowned for its exotically dark finish, extraordinary properties and scarcity in the world.

What is the most expensive tree house?

The 10 most expensive Treehouses of the worldAlnwick Garden: 4-6 million $Modular Treehouse: approximately 1.9 million $ (extra installation and land charges) … A treehouse for everyone: 450.000 $ … Mirrorcube at the Treehotel: 377.300 $ … Treehouse and Cable Bridge: 250.000 $ … Cedar Spire: 93.600 $ … Treetent: 50.000 $ … Free Spirit Sphere: 44.700 $ … More items…•

Does a tree house add value to a home?

A well-designed tree house can be an attractive addition to a property if it is constructed under local zoning regulations and is made to be attractive in its own right. With careful construction and design, a tree house can boost your property values and provide an additional incentive for prospective buyers.

How much did Shaq’s Treehouse cost?

The affluent community it located outside Windermere, Florida, near Orlando. O’Neal purchased the mansion for $3.95 million in 1993, when it was a 23,000 square-foot Neo-Colonial, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Now, the estate boasts an impressive 31,000 square feet of living space.

What is the most beautiful wood in the world?

Top 10 Most Expensive Woods in the World1 – Purple Heart Wood. Purple Heart is the type of wood which is obtained from the tree called Peltogyne and is available only in the central South America and forests with frequent rain.2 – Bubinga Wood. … 3 – Dalbergia Wood. … 4 – Lignum Vitae Wood. … 5 – Ebony Wood. … 6 – Bocote Wood. … 7 – African Blackwood. … 8 – Agar Wood. … More items…

Why is mahogany illegal?

Following the path of ivory, in 2003, mahogany was listed on the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as a species in need of strict regulation to prevent its extinction. Because Peruvian mahogany is traded in violation of CITES, it is illegal to trade or possess it under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

How much do Treemaster tree houses cost?

Our current baseline price of fully designing and building a custom treehouse is approximately $300,000. The design portion of our services constitutes about seven to ten percent of that total price.

Do treehouses kill trees?

Treehouses are usually bolted to the tree, so the bolt is fixed to the heartwood. Since growth is added to the outer layers, the tree will expand around the supports. In itself this does not cause a great deal of damage initially, but it will disfigure the tree quite badly.

Are tree houses taxable?

In most of the US, you aren’t taxed on non-permanent structures, such as sheds, tree houses, pergolas, gazebos, etc… Precisely what the rules are, however, are really up to the town / county where you live. … There are still some local codes about offsets from the property line and whatnot, but no taxes.