Question: What Is Front Foot And Back Foot In Cricket?

What is a front foot drive in cricket?

It is usually played to a full length delivery on or outside off stump.

Masterclass: Front foot drive.

Most of the work is done by the top hand, with the bottom hand lending support, to keep the ball along the ground.


With your eyes fixed on the ball, lean in with the front shoulder..

How do you bat a cricket defense?

Play a forward defensive shot.Lean your head and front shoulder forward. Take a step with the front foot while keeping the back leg straight. … Swing the bat downward and contact the ball as it passes below the eyes. … The bat should end up slightly ahead of your front leg and close the side of the pad.

What is a straight drive in cricket?

A straight drive is a deliberate shot that aims to hit the ball along the ground to prevent being caught out.

Why is footwork important in cricket?

When batting in cricket it is essential to have excellent footwork. … Good footwork allows you to time the ball well and place the ball in gaps. It gets you in the optimum position to hit the ball, so you can hit it where you want and with ease.

What is a square cut in cricket?

A square cut is a shot hit into the off side at near to 90 degrees from the wicket (towards point). A late cut is played as or after the ball passes the batting player’s body and is hit towards the third man position.

What is the meaning back foot?

knocked off balanceTo be on the back foot means to be put in a defensive position, to be in retreat, to be knocked off balance. Primarily used in British English, on the back foot is a phrase that is most probably derived from the sport of cricket. … An equivalent American phrase is to be knocked off balance or to be on the ropes.

What is back foot cricket?

The back foot stabilises parallel to the popping crease for balls on or outside off-stump, and points towards cover for balls on the middle stump or leg-side of middle stump. The head should remain slightly in front of the back leg.