Question: How Much Dirt Does It Take To Raise 1 Acre Of 1 Foot?

What means acre foot?

In the water world, water is commonly measured in acre-feet.

But what is an acre-foot.

One acre-foot equals about 326,000 gallons, or enough water to cover an acre of land, about the size of a football field, one foot deep..

How much area will a ton of dirt cover?

How many tons are in a square foot?1/2″ =480 square feet per ton1″ =240 square feet per ton1 1/2″ =160 square feet per ton2″ =120 square feet per ton2 1/2″ =96 square feet per tonMar 3, 2020

How much dirt is in a hole 3ft by 6ft by 4ft?

A hole in the ground of 3 ft X 4 ft X 6 ft = 72 cubic feet. 72 cubic feet divided by 27 cubic foot per cubic yard = 2.6667 cubic Yards X +/- 4,000 pounds per cubic yard = 10,666.6667 pounds of dirt to move. 10,666.6667 pounds divided by 2,000 pounds per ton.

How do I calculate how much dirt I need?

Length in feet x Width in feet x Depth in feet (inches divided by 12). Take the total and divide by 27 (the amount of cubic feet in a yard). The final figure will be the estimated amount of cubic yards required.

How many yards of dirt are in a dump truck?

Dump trucks can usually carry about 10 to 14 cubic yards of dirt. To understand what a cubic yard looks like, it’s easiest to think of one as a block of material around 3 feet in length, height, and width. One cubic yard is the equivalent of 27 cubic feet.

How much is a dump truck load of top soil?

The average cost of a dump truck load of topsoil is $150 to $500 for a typical 10 to 15-yard load delivered. Prices depend on the amount ordered, the local cost of the topsoil, and the hauling distance. Charges do not include spreading or installation.

How many yards of dirt are in a 1 acre pond?

15,000 yardsIf you take a one acre pond 200′ x 200′ and dig 10′ deep you come up with approx. 15,000 yards of material. Every depth below that in 1′ increments equals approx. 1,500 more yards of dirt that need be moved.

How much dirt do I need to fill an area?

Calculate the volume of dirt needed to fill the area you measured by multiplying length (120 inches) by width (60 inches) by depth (30 inches). Total volume equals 216,000 cubic inches. Convert cubic inches to cubic yards by dividing by 46,656 cubic inches.

How much does fill dirt weigh?

A cubic yard of dry fill dirt will weigh around 2,000 pounds. If it contains gravel, stone, and sand, the weight can rise to over 3,000 pounds. In general, a pure cubic yard of fill dirt will weigh somewhere between 2,000 to 2,700 pounds depending on moisture content and composition.

How much topsoil do I need for 1 acre?

six inchesAcres are 208.71 feet wide and 208.71 feet long, so they have an area of 43,560 square feet. Following the topsoil guideline of six inches, you’ll need to divide the depth by 12 to convert the inches to feet. That leaves you with . 5 of a foot.

How many cubic yards of dirt are in 1 acre?

Please share if you found this tool useful:Conversions Table1 Acre-feet to Cubic Yards = 1613.333370 Acre-feet to Cubic Yards = 112933.33332 Acre-feet to Cubic Yards = 3226.666780 Acre-feet to Cubic Yards = 129066.66673 Acre-feet to Cubic Yards = 484090 Acre-feet to Cubic Yards = 14520012 more rows

How many bags of topsoil does it take to make a yard?

54 bagsIn a bag, measure the bag, and calculate the number of cubic ft (hint, it’s usually no more than 1/2 cubic foot). Since 27 cubic ft is a cubic yard, it would take 54 bags to make a yard.