How Do You Read A Locate?

How deep can you dig without calling 811?

There is no allotted depth before a person needs to call 811.

Whether you are just planting small shrubs or installing fences, CGA says any time you are putting a shovel in the ground you need to call due to the fact that many utilities are buried just a few inches below the surface..

Which is the closest synonym for the word locate?


What happens if you dig up a phone line?

If you do not call before digging, it is quite possible that you will dig into a buried utility line and potentially create a life-threatening situation, you can be fined, or even cause an outage to an essential utility service.

How deep are DSL lines buried?

The national electrical safety code doesn’t have a minimum depth for communications lines, but 6 to 12 inches is probably typical.

How do I find where a wire is buried?

Pipe and cable locators offer an effective way to locate buried electrical lines and conduit. They operate slightly differently than magnetic location devices, allowing them to find a signal from a non-ferrous metal. Some utilities have a signal running through them.

What is a locate?

In finance, a locate is an approval from a broker that needs to be obtained prior to effecting a short sale in any equity security, i.e. to “locate” securities available for borrowing. The requirement, in the United States, to locate a stock before ‘shorting’ has existed for a long time.

How long does it take for Dig Safe to Come?

When should I report a Dig Safe violation or damage? A utility company must mark its underground facilities within 72 business hours after your call to Dig Safe. 18 inches Markings should not be off more than this amount. You should file a Dig Safe violation/damage report whenever any damage occurs.

What is a locate request?

811 is the national call-before-you-dig phone number. Anyone who plans to dig should call 811 or go to their state 811 center’s website before digging to request that the approximate location of buried utilities be marked with paint or flags so that you don’t unintentionally dig into an underground utility line.

What happens when you dial 811?

Call Health Link by dialing 811 for quick and easy advice from a registered nurse 24/7. They will ask questions, assess symptoms and determine the best care for you. … Health Link also manages the health information available online at

What are locate fees?

When you accept a locate for a HTB Stock, you will be charged a locate fee (“Locate Fee”). The Locate fee is charged the moment you accept a locate on a HTB Stock, even if you never enter an order to sell short the located security.

How far down are utility lines?

Underground power lines of any type have very thick insulation. In addition, National Codes dictate the depth, below ground, these lines must be buried. Some low voltage underground circuits could be as shallow as 18 inches, while most higher voltage circuits will be deeper than 24 inches.

What do Dig Safe markings mean?

“Premark” means to identify the general scope of excavation activities using white paint, stakes or other suitable white markings, in a manner that will enable utility operators to know the boundaries of the proposed excavation activities. … Premark the exact area of excavation using solid lines, dashes or dots.

How deep are communication lines buried?

24 inches deepWorking around buried facilities Main lines are generally found at least 24 inches deep, while service lines are gener- ally found at least 18 inches deep.

What do 811 markings mean?

After calling 811, utilities have at least 48 hours to come out and mark their lines with a color-coded paint or flagging system. Red indicates electric power lines, conduit and cables. Yellow represents gas, oil, petroleum or gaseous materials. Orange is used for communication, alarm or signal lines.

How do you get your utilities marked?

Contact the utility owners directly for information about any building restrictions related to their buried lines. When you are ready to begin your excavation, contact Alberta One-Call at least three full working days in advance to request fresh markings of the buried utilities on your property.

How can you locate someone?

Find My Device for AndroidHead to Google Play Store and search for ‘Find My Device. … Tap on the first search result and install it.After installing, sign in to Find My Device using the Google account you want to use the service with.Give location access to the application.More items…•

How do you read Dig Safe markings?

Paint, flags, or stakes indicating the presence of a buried facility should correspond to the following color codes:Red = Electric.Yellow = Gas/Oil/Steam.Orange = Communications/CATV.Blue = Water.Green = Sewer.Pink = Survey Markings.White = Proposed Excavation.